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Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the abdominal region. It involves the removal of excess fat tissue, loose skin, and muscle tissue, as well as tightening of the abdominal muscles.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at flattening the stomach by removing excess fat and skin in the middle and lower abdominal areas and tightening the muscles in the region. The goal of this procedure is to reshape the loose areas in the abdominal region.

This procedure is not a weight loss method and does not replace obesity treatment. However, in almost all cases, abdominoplasty is a standard operation performed after significant weight loss following obesity surgeries such as gastric bypass. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and a one-night stay in the hospital is typically required after the procedure.

abdominoplasty in turkey

How is the Process of Abdominoplasty in Turkey?

This surgery can be categorized into two types: full and partial (mini) abdominoplasty. You can confidently undergo this surgery with Inter Life Clinic, where our professional surgeons are ready to assist you. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Complete Abdominoplasty Surgery: If you need the most perfect result, you can opt for a full tummy tuck, which is also the most common type of abdominoplasty. An incision is made across your body up to the belly button. The surgeon then removes excess skin and unwanted fat through liposuction, leaving you with the body you’ve been dreaming of after the surgery.
  • Partial (Mini) Abdominoplasty Surgery: In this procedure, your surgeon removes a smaller amount of fat and skin. However, there will still be a long horizontal scar above the pubic hairline. Keep in mind that this operation is not as extensive, and if you want to achieve a perfect body, you should consider an evaluation for a full tummy tuck surgery.

Undesirable skin or fats are removed in the tummy tuck operation. Your surgeon follows certain steps during the surgery to complete the procedure:

When undergoing abdominoplasty in Turkey, your surgeon will first conduct an examination, and before the surgery, you will be given some medications, including general anesthesia, to ease your discomfort. Post-general anesthesia, this operation requires a horizontal incision between the pubic line and the belly button. During the incision process, your surgeon will repair and suture the muscles in your body, and excess skin or fats will be removed. The final step is closing the incisions, and after the surgery, you are now in your new, slimmer body. After the surgery, the surgeon may provide you with antibiotics to prevent infection.

Abdominoplasty Prices in Turkey and Other Countries

TURKEY $4000 - 5500
UNITED STATES $8000 - 12000
UNITED KINGDOM $8000- 10000
GULF COUNTRIES $7500 - 10500
CANADA $10500 - 13000

Are You a Suitable Candidate?

Both men and women can undergo this surgery, and there are certain factors such as your general health, age, and whether you smoke that determine your eligibility for the procedure. It is also suitable for women after pregnancy. However, if you are considering having more children, there may be some risks, so be sure to consult your doctor on this matter.

Candidates suitable for abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey include:

  • Those who want to achieve their dream body,
  • Patients with a healthy body mass index (BMI),
  • Individuals aged 18 and above with no health issues,
  • Those with sagging abdominal skin.

Operation and Recovery Process

At Inter Life Clinic, this operations are conducted using modern techniques. The postoperative recovery process may vary depending on the patient’s overall health, age, and the complexity of the procedure. Our experts provide a carefully designed recovery plan to ensure the comfort of the patients and facilitate a speedy recovery.

Precautions Before Abdominoplasty Surgery

Like most surgeries, this procedure also involves certain risks. Before coming to Turkey for this operation, we can suggest some factors to consider. Your patient representative will provide you with information on what to pay attention to before the surgery, but it is essential to remember to disclose all your medical conditions. If you are using heavy medications or smoking, you should inform your doctor.

Precautions before abdominoplasty in Turkey include:

  • Obtaining a medical evaluation,
  • Adjusting your current medications,
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol consumption,
  • Avoiding aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding,
  • Wearing loose clothing to feel comfortable during your medical journey,
  • Not bringing heavy or excessive belongings with you.

This procedure is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed safely and effectively by expert hands at Inter Life Clinic. Embracing a personalized approach for each patient, Inter Life Clinic not only provides physical but also emotional support to its patients. Take a step towards achieving your ideal body shape with Inter Life Clinic and rediscover yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results does Abdominoplasty provide?

This procedure removes excess skin and fat tissue in the abdominal area and tightens the abdominal muscles, helping achieve a flatter and tighter abdominal profile.

Who is an eligible candidate for this surgery?

Generally, individuals who have undergone childbirth or significant weight loss are suitable candidates for abdominoplasty. However, since each patient is unique, Inter Life Clinic experts conduct a personalized assessment for each patient.

How long does the surgery take, and what is the recovery process?

The duration of the operation may vary depending on the patient’s condition but is typically between 2 to 4 hours. The recovery process also varies based on the patient’s overall health, but most patients can resume normal activities within a few weeks.

Will there be permanent scars after the surgery?

With advanced surgical techniques and the delicate approach of Inter Life Clinic experts, scars will be minimal. Experts provide specific care recommendations to minimize scar formation.

What kind of lifestyle changes are necessary after the surgery?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the surgery is crucial. Regular exercise and balanced nutrition are important to sustain the surgery’s results for an extended period. Inter Life Clinic experts guide patients on this matter.