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Breast Reduction

Big breasts reduction


Because women care about their appearance, they complain about large breasts and have breast reduction. Thus, elegant and aesthetic breasts take the place of large breasts. This procedure is mostly applied to women who have breastfed or whose body is genetically composed of large breasts.


What is Breast Reduction?

Making breasts that are excessively large and full compared to the person’s physique more elegant by surgery is called breast reduction. After the excess fat tissues taken from the incisions opened with different techniques, the breasts are reduced.


For whom is Breast Reduction Surgery can be Performed?

Surgery is performed by reducing the fat tissues in the breast by applying different techniques. Anesthesia is given and the person is taken into surgery.


Breast Reduction Methods

The incisions are opened and the fat tissues are made weak. Methods such as lollipop watch reduction, graft technique, test t method are preferred.


Before Breast Reduction

There are some things to consider before the procedure. Before breast reduction, the use of blood thinners should be stopped. It should be fed with light foods. If heavy sports are done, it should be stopped one week in advance.


What are Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques?

Lollipop watch breast reduction and reverse T watch breast reduction techniques are used more frequently in breast reduction surgery. In addition to these, breast reduction is performed with the graft technique.


1) Lejour (Lollipop Watch Breast Reduction)

The circumference of the nipple is cut in a round shape and the excess adipose tissue is removed. Thus, the breast reduction procedure is performed.



2) Test T Watch Breast Reduction

In this method, a T-shaped incision is made under the breast and the excess fat tissue is removed and the incision is closed.


3) Breast Reduction with Graft Technique

Fat tissue is removed from the incision made on the breast. The process is completed by bringing it to the required form.


Is There a Risk of Breast Reduction ?

Even if the procedures are done carefully, there may be risks such as numbness in the nipple, decrease in the amount of milk in lactating women, bleeding or infection in breast reduction surgery.


Is There Any Scar After Breast Reduction?

As in every procedure, it is seen that there are scars after breast reduction. However, the size of the permission becomes more or less depending on the method used. When breast reduction surgery is performed with the lollipop method, the scar rate is less.


What Is The Recovery Process After Breast Reduction?

It is recommended to rest for 3 to 7 days after breast reduction surgery. If the given drugs are used, recovery is observed in a shorter time. You can also move more comfortably by using a sports bra. It is important for the process to take care of oneself for 1 month. Regular dressing also speeds up the healing process.


Will There Be Too Much Pain After Breast Reduction?

It is seen that there is pain after breast reduction surgery, as with any treated limb. However, if the given drugs are used correctly and on time, it is not possible to feel pain.


Does Breast Reduction Cause Cancer?

Breast reduction surgery does not carry the risk of cancer. However, it can show an allergic reaction in the person’s body. It is not known as a cancer-forming surgery.


What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction?

Not lifting heavy, not lying down, applying the given medications correctly are some of the things that should be considered after breast reduction.


Does ensuerences Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, which is considered as a special procedure, is not covered by ensuerences. Since it is an operation that falls into a special group, it is not considered within the scope of ensuerences.


Breast Reduction Prices 2022

Aesthetic procedures are priced according to the person. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that the prices vary according to the type of method used. Thus, the prices in breast reduction surgery are determined according to the method to be applied to the person.