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Butt Aesthetics

Butt Aesthetics

The type of aesthetics most preferred by women for a curvy body is known as buttock aesthetics. In recent years, women or men have preferred this practice.


What is Buttock Aesthetics?

The aesthetic procedure for a full and upright butt, which is used to eliminate the effects of sagging, deformity or aging, is called buttock aesthetics.


How is Butt Aesthetics Performed?

Buttock aesthetics is performed by injecting fat, stretching or lifting, using prostheses.


For Whom Butt Aesthetics Is Applied?

Anyone who has a deformity in their butt, has increased sagging due to aging, and has a butt that does not look full can have butt aesthetics.


What are Hip Aesthetics Applications?

Hip aesthetic applications include liposuction, lifting and stretching, and using prosthesis.


Butt Lift Surgery

In butt lift surgery, the patient’s condition is evaluated and the procedures are started under general anesthesia.

What are the Butt  Aesthetics Surgery Methods?

Today, vaser liposuction method and fat injection method are used in buttock aesthetic surgery. Of these methods, the one that is suitable for the patient is preferred.


Butt Augmentation With Fat Injection

It is preferred because it is a short, painless and easy procedure. Stem cell containing fat injecting to the Butt


Butt Augmentation With Silicone Prosthesis

Silicone prosthesis is placed on the buttock. A natural appearance is provided by injecting fat around it. Scarring is slightly more than fat injection.


Butt Augmentation with Fillers

Small and shapeless butts can filled to grow. Thus, people’s self-confidence is restored.


Butt Lift Operation

The sagging buttocks as a result of aging and weight gain are removed with an operation performed under general anesthesia. Excess skin is removed.


Things to Consider Before Butt Aesthetics

Nutrition should be considered. Heavy sports should not be done. Blood thinners should be discontinued. Your doctor’s recommendations must be strictly followed.

How is Butt  Aesthetics Performed with Fat Filling?

Fat with stem cells in the fat filling is injected into the buttock. It is a short and painless procedure. This process has been preferred quite frequently in recent years.


How Does the Butt Aesthetics Recovery Process Happen?

If you have butt aesthetics, you can return to normal life within 1 month. Postoperative corset use is required. Being careful in the first weeks while sitting and getting up affects the healing process.


Things to Consider After Butt Aesthetics

Attention should be paid to movements by using a medical corset. After 15 days, the stitches should be removed and rest should be continued. Heavy exercise should not be done and attention should be paid to nutrition.


Who Can Be Applied to the Hip Aesthetics Procedure?

Hip aesthetics is applied to those with small and misshapen hips, those with genetically impaired vision, the elderly and those with sagging.


How to Fix Butt Sagging?

Excess skin on the butt is removed. Stretching is applied to stretch the sagging areas. Stem cells are injected for a natural look.


Hip Reduction Operation

Hip reduction operation is performed using the liposuction method. It is a surgical procedure. It is preferred to shape the hips that are larger than your body.


Frequently Asked Questions About Butt  Aesthetics

Is butt aesthetics necessary?

Is it possible to stay in the hospital for butt aesthetics?

Are prostheses renewed after butt lift?

How Long Does Butt Aesthetic Surgery Take?

Buttock aesthetic surgery takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Is Butt Lift a Painful Operation?

Buttock aesthetics, which is not a painful operation, may cause mild pain depending on the type of method used. This is valid for stretching and lifting surgery.


What are the Risks Related to Buttock Aesthetic Surgery?

There are all surgical risks in butt aesthetic surgery. However, if the procedure is performed using a prosthesis, there may be slippage or distortion that can be seen from the outside.


Will there be any scars after butt lift surgery?

There is no trace in the butt aesthetic procedure performed using fat injection and prosthesis. However, in the case of an erection, the operation scar remains.


Butt Lift Prices 2022

Aesthetic operations are personal. The patient’s condition is evaluated and the price is given to the patient. Butt aesthetics is determined accordingly.