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DHI Hair Transplantation

In today’s world, many people may face the problem of hair loss. This situation not only leads to aesthetic concerns but can also cause psychological issues. Fortunately, due to the evolving technology, hair transplant methods have become more effective. The DHI hair transplantation technique, a recently popular method in Turkey, stands out for being less invasive.

This technique can not only address aesthetic concerns but also help individuals regain their self-confidence. Hair transplantation impacts not only external appearance but also mental well-being positively. Nowadays, hair transplantation is supported by advanced techniques to achieve more natural results than ever before.

dhi hair transplantation in Turkey

How is the DHI Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

The DHI hair transplant technique is carried out in collaboration with special equipment and an experienced team. The process generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Preparation of the Donor Area Before the procedure begins, the area where hair follicles, known as the donor area, will be taken, is prepared in a sterile manner. This area is usually the back of the head.

Step 2: Collection of Hair Follicles Hair follicles are individually collected from the donor area. This process is performed with the help of a special tool. As soon as the hair follicles are collected, they are kept in a special solution to protect them from external factors.

Step 3: Preparation of the Recipient Area The area where hair transplantation will take place is anesthetized by applying local anesthesia. Then, channels for transplantation are opened. Opening these channels ensures the correct placement of the hair follicles to be transplanted.

Step 4: Planting of Hair Follicles Hair follicles are individually planted in the recipient area with the help of a special tool. It is important to plant the hair follicles at the correct angle and in a natural distribution during this stage. This ensures more aesthetic and natural results.

Step 5: Healing Process The recovery process after the DHI hair transplant technique is generally fast. After the procedure, care should be taken to preserve the hair follicles for a certain period, and the recommended care instructions should be followed. As the transplanted hair follicles take root, the growth of new hair begins over time.

DHI Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey and Other Countries

TURKEY $1800 - 2500
UNITED STATES $5000 - 21000
UNITED KINGDOM $6700 - 15000
GULF COUNTRIES $5000 - 8000
CANADA $6500 - 16000

What to Pay Attention to After DHI Hair Transplantation?

Patients should be informed about what to pay attention to after DHI hair transplantation for a more efficient process. Particularly, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The body should be well-rested.
  • During sleep, the transplanted area should not come into contact with a pillow.
  • Hair should be treated gently throughout the healing process.
  • When drying the hair, pressure should not be applied to the scalp with a towel.
  • If applying serums, creams, etc., approval from the doctor should be obtained.
  • Accessories such as hats, caps, etc., recommended by the doctor, should be used.
  • Following the post-transplantation washing instructions for ten days is crucial.
  • In case of discomfort, only pain relievers provided by the doctor should be used.
  • The transplanted area should be protected from impact and friction.
  • Care for both the donor and transplantation areas should be done as described.


DHI hair transplantation method comes with several advantages. Firstly, this method allows the direct placement of hair follicles into the transplantation area. Thus, during the procedure, hair follicles are not exposed to external factors, positively impacting the recovery process. Indeed, the DHI hair transplantation method requires less intervention compared to traditional hair transplantation methods. Therefore, post-procedure side effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising are less likely to occur.

The DHI hair transplantation procedure results in a much more natural hairline, as it enables the direct planting of hair roots. This translates to a more natural-looking hair. Similarly, the method allows for the denser placement of hair follicles, resulting in a fuller and denser appearance of your hair. The application time of the procedure is also quite short. Due to the comfortable recovery process, returning to your daily life is possible in a short period.

The Importance of DHI Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey is globally recognized for its expertise in hair transplantation. The DHI hair transplantation in Turkey method is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation techniques alongside the FUE method.

The significance of the DHI hair transplant method in Turkey is based on the following factors:

  • Quality service: In Turkey, there are many clinics specializing in hair transplantation that provide services at international standards. These clinics offer quality service to patients.
  • Economical prices: DHI hair transplantation in Turkey prices are more economical compared to other countries. This makes Turkey an attractive destination for hair transplantation.
  • Patient satisfaction: Patients who undergo hair transplantation in Turkey generally express high levels of satisfaction.

DHI method is an effective and permanent solution to address the issue of hair loss. Turkey is globally recognized for hair transplantation. For those who wish to undergo DHI hair transplantation in Turkey, Inter Life Clinic stands out as one of the best options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pens used in this procedure damage the hair follicles?

No, the pens used in this procedure do not damage the hair follicles. The pens are designed to protect the follicle sheath that holds the hair roots.

Does the anesthesia used in this procedure completely eliminate pain?

Lokal anesthesia is used in this procedure. Local anesthesia numbs the treated area, completely eliminating pain.

Does the area where hair is transplanted heal immediately after this procedure?

No, the healing of the transplanted area takes a few weeks after this procedure. During this time, there may be temporary redness and swelling in the transplanted area.

What is the appearance of the transplanted area like after this procedure?

The appearance of the transplanted area is natural after this procedure. The hair follicles have a natural angle and direction.

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