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Lip Filler

About Lip Filler

Aesthetic procedures applied to shape and add volume to the lips are called lip augmentation.

In general, lip augmentation applications are called soft tissue filler, and it is possible to achieve the desired volume of lips after a very comfortable process.

What is Lip Filler ?

It is an application that is completed in 10-15 minutes without experiencing any pain, thanks to the anesthetic cream applied to the lips before the filler procedures.

How is Lip Filler Made?

In general, lip augmentation processes are carried out with hyaluronic acid injection, allowing the lips to gain the desired volume.

Why is Permanent Lip Filler Done?

In permanent lip augmentation processes, a procedure is performed by placing silicone. Filler applications made with hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, are among the more preferred aesthetic applications because they are natural and not permanent.

Lip Filler Treatment Methods

Many different filler processes can be applied to shape the lips. Temporary and permanent, especially Aphrodite type, hera type, Venus type and eros type filler applications.

After Lip Filler

After  lip augmentation  effects begin to be seen immediately.

While it is possible to return to daily life immediately, swelling which is considered normal to occur, will go away within a week or two. While it is important to go to the controls without interruption, a touch up should be done when necessary.

What are the Advantages of Needle-Free Lip Filler?

Needle-free filler processes provide many different advantages such as immediate effect and painless.

By moisturizing the lips, the effects can be seen immediately, creating positive effects and there is no need to hide the smile. It is an application that is completed in a short time without experiencing pain

How Long  Lip Filler Last?

Although the effects of filler procedures applied to the lips vary depending on many factors, it generally provides permanence for a period of 12-18 months.

Factors such as the hormonal status of people, lip structures, and the material used cause the permanence times to change.

Natural Lip Fillers

Lip augmentation which are the most frequently applied aesthetic procedures, have many advantages.

People who have filler procedures, which have the advantages of being painless , and gaining a natural appearance by seeing the effects immediately, have a comfortable process.

Lip Filler Prices 2022

The cost of lip augmentation procedures applied to add volume to the lips varies depending on many factors such as the quality of the material, the conditions of the persons, and the area of ​​expertise of the physician. For this reason, detailed process and price information should be obtained by being examined.

What Does Lip Filler Do?

Although lip augmentation is usually applied to add volume, it is very beneficial to change many different factors.

If the filler procedures are applied to the lips, it also creates a rejuvenation around the face and lips. It helps to gain the desired volume easily while giving a moist lip structure.

What Are Lip Fillers Made Of?

Filler materials consist of hyaluronic acid or fat cells of people. In filler injections, the filler material is generally hyaluronic acid and it is frequently applied because it is a natural material.

Is Lip Filler Treatment Safe?

The safety of the treatments depends on the injection method and the application of the correct techniques by the specialist physician who will perform it. Non-permanent filler procedures are healthy and quite safe.

Is Lip Filler Painful?

Since the cream that creates an anesthetic effect on the lips is applied, it is completed in a short time without experiencing pain

How is Lip Filler Process Done?

Generally, lip augmentation is completed within 10-15 minutes after numbness with the cream and is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid.

How Long Will It  Last?

Lip filler applied with hyaluronic acid injection is a non-permanent procedure that can be repeated after 12-18 months, losing its effect.