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Maternity Aesthetics ( Mommy Makeover )

Maternity Aesthetics ( Mommy Makeover )

Maternity aesthetics is applied to make women look beautiful after childbirth and to regulate the deformed areas that occur at birth.


What is Maternity Aesthetics ( Mommy Makeover )?

The type of aesthetics that lasts for one or several sessions and is performed to repair the deformed area during childbirth is called maternity aesthetics.


For whom is Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover) Can be Applied?

For women who have given birth, procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction are performed for maternity aesthetics. The operation takes between 3-5 hours. Before this process, necessary analyzes and controls are made and it is ensured that an unsuitable situation for aesthetics is not seen.


What Operations Maternity Aesthetic (Mommy Makeover) May Include?

Vaginal aesthetics, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck and breast aesthetics are among the maternity aesthetic operations.


For whom is Maternity Makeover (Mommy Makeover) Can be Applied?

Maternity aesthetics is applied in women who experience sudden weight changes, in women with breast discharge after pregnancy, in women with stretch marks and sagging in the abdomen, if the period of birth and breastfeeding is over.


What Procedures Are Performed for Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover)?

People with sagging in the abdominal region have a tummy tuck. Those who have sagging breasts have breast aesthetics, and those who have excess fat have liposuction. Thus, maternity aesthetics is made.


What Should Be Done Before Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover) Surgery?

Before maternity aesthetics, necessary tests are performed on people. The diet is explained. It is made ready for surgery by performing analyzes and examinations.


What is the Post-Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover)  Process?

The recovery period after maternity aesthetics takes up to one week. Afterwards, it is returned to normal life. However, it is recommended to act with caution.


What Should Be Considered After Maternity(Mommy Makeover)  Aesthetics?

Sudden movements should be avoided. It should not be fed with heavy and fatty foods. Medications given against the risk of infection should be used regularly.


Why is a corset used after maternity (Mommy Makeover)  aesthetics?

The medical corset is the product recommended to be used after maternity aesthetics. It should be used in order not to damage the area where the incisions are.


Is Dressing Necessary After Maternity (Mommy Makeover)  Aesthetics?

Dressing is required in the operation with incisions. However, since maternity aesthetics is performed without a trace today, it does not require dressing.


Are Traces Formed After Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover)  Permanent?

Scars are not permanent in aesthetic procedures performed without traces. In a short time, the traces disappear. However, in the process performed with the help of the incision, the scars remain permanently.


When Can I Start Sports After Maternity Aesthetics(Mommy Makeover)  ?

Women who have maternity aesthetics should start sports at least 1 month later. It is important to pay attention to avoid inclination to risks beforehand. Afterwards, the doctor should be consulted and the sports should be started.


Is Lymphatic Massage Recommended After Maternity Aesthetics(Mommy Makeover)?

Lymphatic massage is recommended after maternity aesthetics. However, it must be done by an expert. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the aesthetic area. This puts the person in a difficult situation.


What is the Post-Surgery Recovery Process?

Recovery after maternity aesthetics does not take long. Healing is seen in a period of 1 week and 10 days. However, it is recommended to wait for a month to act comfortably. After this period, you can return to normal life.


Is It Possible To Get Pregnant Again After Maternity Aesthetics?

Maternity aesthetics does not prevent pregnancy. Those who want to get pregnant again can get pregnant after getting the approval of the doctor after aesthetics.


Maternity Aesthetics Prices 2022

Each aesthetic procedure is paid as it enters the private area. These aesthetic procedures, which are not covered by SSI, are covered by the state only if there is a serious problem. Thus, people pay the prices of maternity aesthetics themselves. The prices of maternity aesthetics differ depending on the condition of the people.