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Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial Filler Needs to be Known

In general, nasolabial filler procedure is aesthetic procedures applied to eliminate the deformations and the wrinkles in the nasolabial regions.

While obtaining a young and beautiful skin, also beautiful smiles can be  provided with nasolabial fillers.

What is Nasolabial Filler?

The parts called the nasolabial region are the areas that go down the nose from the cheeks and around the lips.

When Is Nasolabial Filling Needed?

The sooner the vertical lines on the rim of the mouth are intervened, the more effective results can be obtained. Nasolabial filling can be applied if the lines around the mouth become deeper and affect the smile.

What are the procedures to be done before nasolabial filling?

Before filling procedures, aesthetic and golden ratio examination should be done as a preliminary preparation. The purpose of controlling patient compliance by making an aesthetic evaluation is to reduce the amount of filler to provide a much more natural appearance.

What are the Issues to be Considered in Nasolabial Filling Applications?

As in all aesthetic procedure, it is important to be examined by making an appointment beforehand and to determine the suitability of the patient in the application of nasolabial filling.

Getting information about the whole detailed process, discussing the risks and what will happen afterward is necessary for the successful completion of the process.

What are the procedures to be done after nasolabial filler?

After a correct and complete filler procedure, it is possible for people to see the effects within a few days.

At first, it is necessary to avoid lifting heavy materials that force the muscles and not to make excessive mimic movements. A quick recovery can be achieved by following these rules.

Who is not recommended to do Nasolabial Filler?

Generally, nasolabial filler procedure is suitable for all healthy individuals over the age of 18, while application is not recommended for people with chronic diseases.

What are the Side Effects of Nasolabial Fillers?

Almost all filler processes are applied with hyaluronic acid injection. Therefore, nasolabial filler application does not have any side effects.

Effects such as redness and swelling go away in a very short time.

When is Nasolabial Filler can be done?

There is no time limit in the filling application, and it can be applied if there are lines on the rim of the mouth to eliminate the signs of aging or to have a beautiful smile.

How Long Does Nasolabial Filler Affect Last?

The effects after filling on the skin generally begin to appear within 2 weeks. In this context; Nasolabial filler continues its effect for about 1-1.5 years.

People who want to prolong the permanence should ensure that the application is repeated at regular time

How is Nasolabial Filler  Procedure Performed?

The process is started by applying anesthetic creams to provide a local numbing around the lip. After the examination, the amount of filler to be used is determined and the preparations are completed.

The process is completed by applying several sessions. The filling is fed slowly and the process is completed in 20-30 minutes and the person can return to daily life immediately.

What Substances Are In The Nasolabial Filler?

The preferred nasolabial filler procedure is provided by hyaluronic acid injection after the lines on the face line deepen and an uncomfortable appearance occurs at the rim.

The procedure, which does not contain any other content, consists of a very healthy and safe material.

What are the Benefits of Nasolabial Fillers?

Nasolabial filler, which is completed in a short time, is a practical and safe procedure.

Procedure can take  20-30 minutes, and patient can return to daily life without any side effects. Deformations caused by deep lines are removed and smiles become aesthetically pleasing.

Nasolabial Filler Prices 2022

Factors such as the amount and quality of the filler, the physician’s area of ​​expertise and the location of the center, and the conditions of the people are among the factors affecting the prices.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to get information about the prices while learning the process by making an appointment