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Non-Surgical Face Lift

This advanced method incorporates a range of techniques specifically designed to stimulate collagen production and address common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin. By opting for a Non-Surgical Face Lift in Turkey, individuals can confidently pursue a path to a more youthful and revitalized appearance, all within the expertise of Turkey’s renowned medical professionals.

This procedure has numerous positive effects, including the elimination of sagging in the face, restoring the facial structure to its previous state, eradicating fine wrinkles, regaining the skin’s former elasticity, and more. Among the effects of this procedure are the reconstruction of depleted collagen bonds in the face, rescuing individuals from an aged expression. These techniques, which make the skin appear younger and firmer, have been applied for many years. These procedures also have a lifting effect on the eyebrows.

Non-surgical face lift procedures are entirely risk-free applications. Issues such as cuts, damage, or bruises on the face during the procedure are not possible. Temporary redness on the skin after the procedures is normal.

Non-Surgical Face Lift in Turkey


  • Focus Ultrasound HIFU

Ultrasound HIFU device transmits heat energy to the facial area through sound waves. For this process, the focus ultrasound device makes contact with the facial area, allowing the sound waves to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

  • Spider Web Aesthetics

This method involves the use of surgical threads compatible with the skin. Threads that are compatible with the human body are inserted under the face to address sagging in the facial area. Over time, the threads used in spider web aesthetics dissolve in the body.

No pain is experienced during the application. In the spider web method, anesthesia is applied to the area of application, ensuring a painless experience. A single session is sufficient for such procedures, and the effects last for approximately 2 to 3 years after one session. The results of this procedures are immediately visible, but waiting for 2 months may yield even better results.

  • Gold Needle

A gadget containing gold micro-needles is utilized in the gold needle method. These needles emit radio frequencies that have a reparative effect on the facial skin’s troublesome layers. As a result, the face gets firmness and a more dynamic structure.

The (Fractional Radio Frequency Gold Needle) method is another non-surgical face lift treatment that does not involve surgical intervention. Micro gold needles have an effect on the skin’s substructure. This heat activates the body’s defensive mechanism, and skin tissue begins to regenerate. The skin’s suppleness improves, it becomes more luminous, and cellular renewal speeds up. The face appears to be more youthful.

The method and form of facelift aesthetic intervention should be decided based on patient preferences and the professional opinions of the doctor.

Described as a this procedure, this aesthetic intervention aims to achieve a young and fresh appearance in a short period, typically through several sessions. It is preferred by those who are averse to surgery and seek quick results. Compared to the changes made in facelift surgery, this type of aesthetic intervention is more limited. The elasticity and radiance of the skin increase, and cellular renewal accelerates. The face attains a more youthful appearance.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Prices in Turkey and Other Countries

TURKEY $500 - 1200
UNITED STATES $1200 - 2600
UNITED KINGDOM $1200 - 6000
GULF COUNTRIES $1300 - 2400
CANADA $1900 - 4400

Why Should Non-Surgical Face Lift Be Done in Turkey?

Turkey is a prominent destination in global health tourism for non-surgical face lifts. Here are the reasons for this preference:

  • Expertise and Experience: Turkey has a specialized healthcare sector in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical face lifts. Inter Life Clinic provides the best results to clients with an experienced team that undergoes continuous training.
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment: Healthcare institutions in Turkey perform non-surgical face lift procedures using the latest technology and innovative devices. This ensures patients achieve effective and reliable results.
  • Affordable Prices: Healthcare services in Turkey are generally more economical compared to other countries. Inter Life Clinic makes quality service accessible to clients with its affordable pricing policy.

Health Tourism and Non-Surgical Face Lift

Health tourism not only meets your aesthetic needs but also offers an unforgettable travel experience. Turkey’s historical and cultural riches allow patients to undergo the treatment process in a vacation atmosphere. Inter Life Clinic not only provides health services but also offers patients the opportunity to explore the beauties of Turkey.

  • Personalized Services: Inter Life Clinic offers patients a personalized treatment plan. Travel arrangements, city tours, and transfer services are provided to patients traveling to Turkey, integrating the treatment process with a holiday experience.
  • Holiday and Rejuvenation Together: Getting a non-surgical face lift in Turkey not only focuses on the rejuvenation process but also allows you to experience a unique holiday. Beautiful beaches, historical sites, and delicious cuisine make your health tourism experience unforgettable.

With its unique experience in non-surgical face lift in Turkey, Inter Life Clinic not only offers aesthetic improvements to patients but also provides an unforgettable holiday experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this procedure painful?

These procedures generally occur with minimal discomfort. Most patients do not experience pain during the procedure, aside from a mild discomfort.

How long do the effects of this procedure last?

While the duration of effects varies from person to person, they typically last from a few months to a few years. Regular maintenance can help preserve the effects for an extended period.

When can I return to social activities after a non-surgical face lift?

Patients can usually return to normal daily activities immediately after the procedures. However, this timeline may vary depending on personal recovery and the techniques used.

Are there specific regulations for health tourism in Turkey?

Yes, there are specific regulations for health tourism in Turkey. Inter Life Clinic facilitates the treatment process in Turkey by providing all necessary information to patients.

What are the costs of these procedures?

Costs can vary based on the techniques used, the scope of the procedure, and the locations where the treatment is performed. Inter Life Clinic offers transparent pricing with an affordable policy for its customers.