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Breast Augmentation

The breasts hold significant importance in a woman’s body. Their aesthetic appearance is a crucial part of feminine identity. However, some women may not be satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts. This situation can lead to a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and even depression. Breast augmentation in Turkey is a plastic surgical procedure performed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. This surgery can be an effective solution for women who are not satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The preparation process for breast augmentation surgery requires meticulous evaluation and personalized planning. During consultations with the plastic surgeon, the patient’s preferences, expectations, and physical condition are thoroughly discussed. At this stage, an examination of the breast structure, presentation of implant options, and information about surgical techniques are provided.

It is recommended to quit smoking during the preparation process as smoking can negatively impact circulation, affecting the recovery process. Additionally, the medications the patient is taking should be reported to the doctor, and if necessary, discontinued before the surgery. Refraining from eating anything after midnight on the day before the surgery is essential to prevent potential complications during general anesthesia.

Before deciding on breast surgery, the patient should consider several important points. Breast implants do not correct sagging breasts, so a breast lift may be required. While the lifespan of implants is not guaranteed, it is typically around 10 years, and additional surgical interventions may be needed in the future. The interpretation of mammogram results can be challenging, requiring additional special tests. Health insurance generally does not cover breast surgery, meaning the patient needs to be prepared to cover all expenses.

breast augmentation in turkey

Implants Used in Breast Augmentation Surgery

The implants used in breast augmentation surgery can be classified based on the following features:

  • Content: Silicone implants are filled with silicone gel, while saline implants are filled with sterile saline (saltwater) solution.
  • Shape: Silicone implants can be round or teardrop-shaped.
  • Size: Silicone implants come in various sizes.

Breast Augmentation Prices in Turkey and Other Countries

TURKEY $4000 - 6000
UNITED STATES $8500 - 11000
UNITED KINGDOM $8800 - 11250
GULF COUNTRIES $9000 - 12000
CANADA $8200 - 10200

Techniques Used in Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey

There are two main techniques used in breast augmentation in Turkey: silicone implants and fat transfer.

Silicone implants are the most commonly used technique in this surgery. These implants consist of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel. Silicone implants come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for personalization to achieve the desired look.

Silicone implants can be placed under the breast, around the nipple, or under the armpit. The inframammary incision, made in the crease under the breast, is the most commonly used incision method. This incision is made in the crease under the breast, and the scar is invisible after the surgery. The periareolar incision around the nipple is suitable for smaller implants. This incision is made around the nipple, and the scar is usually more noticeable. The transaxillary incision under the armpit is suitable for larger implants. This incision is made under the armpit, and the scar is generally less noticeable than the inframammary incision.

Fat transfer is a less commonly used technique in this surgery. This method involves liposuction to harvest fat from other areas of the patient’s body. The purified fat is then injected into the breasts to achieve the desired fullness and shape.

Fat transfer is a suitable technique for those who want a more natural look. However, this technique is not as permanent as implants, and the breast size achieved with fat transfer may decrease over time.

What are the results of breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation can alter the size and shape of your breasts. The surgery can change your body image and boost your self-confidence. Weight gain or loss after the surgery can also impact the appearance of your breasts. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, additional surgery may be needed to address these concerns.

Risks and Complications

Breast augmentation surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries some risks and complications. These risks may include:

  • Infection: Infection is the most common complication of breast surgery. Infections can usually be treated with antibiotics.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding is another common complication of this surgery. Bleeding can typically be stopped during the surgery.
  • Asymmetry: Asymmetry is a rare complication of this surgery. Asymmetry can usually be corrected after the surgery.
  • Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is the formation of a hard capsule around the implant. Capsular contracture can cause hardness and pain in the breast. It can typically be treated with postoperative medication or surgical intervention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable age for this procedure?

The ideal age for breast augmentation surgery is typically between 18 and 50. However, this age limit can be flexible and may vary based on the individual needs and expectations of the patient.

Which technique is better?

The choice of technique depends on the individual needs and expectations of the patient. Silicone implants are suitable for those seeking a more permanent result, while fat transfer is a fitting technique for those desiring a more natural appearance.

What is the recovery time after the surgery?

The typical recovery time after the surgery is around 1-2 weeks. Post-surgery, patients may experience swelling and discomfort in their breasts, which generally subsides within a few weeks.

Is breastfeeding possible after this surgery?

Breast surgery does not affect the ability to breastfeed. However, complications that may arise post-surgery could potentially harm the milk ducts in the breasts. Therefore, it is essential for women planning breast augmentation surgery and have breastfeeding plans to discuss this matter with their plastic surgeons.