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Deformities in the nose can impact individuals’ psychology, causing a loss of self-confidence. Rhinoplasty in Turkey is the most commonly preferred aesthetic surgery. Nasal deformity may be aesthetically troublesome for some individuals, and for others, it can lead to respiratory difficulties. Those interested in undergoing this procedure often conduct extensive research. This operation can be performed on anyone desiring to correct nasal deformities, but during the preoperative examination, it is determined whether the person’s nasal structure is suitable for aesthetics.

Why is Rhinoplasty Performed?

There can be multiple reasons that prompt an individual to seek nasal aesthetics. Let’s briefly examine them:

  • Congenital Reasons: Conditions that occur with birth and create difficulty in breathing or do not satisfy the individual aesthetically are among the most common reasons for nasal aesthetics. When aesthetic deformities are combined with breathing difficulties, patients’ complaints tend to increase. The performed surgical procedure often aims to address both problems simultaneously.
  • Post-Traumatic Incidents: Deformities resulting from a major accident, fracture, or tissue trauma can create serious issues in a person’s breathing efficiency or cause aesthetic discomfort. In such cases, Inter Life Clinic provides innovative approaches and surgical solutions with an expert team.

How is Performed?

This procedure is an aesthetic application aimed at correcting deformities in the nose. Rhinoplasty in Turkey is performed in two ways: open and closed. Open rhinoplasty is a method more commonly preferred by individuals who have undergone nasal aesthetics before, and it is considered more advantageous in terms of visibility. However, the recovery process is longer compared to closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made between the nostrils to carry out the operation. On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty aims to keep the incision within the nostrils. Closed rhinoplasty is a preferred method for small-sized anatomical deformities, and the recovery process is shorter compared to open rhinoplasty. This procedure can also be performed non-surgically, offering an alternative to surgical procedures.

Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey and Other Countries

TURKEY $3500 - 4500
UNITED STATES $6100 - 10000
UNITED KINGDOM $5000 - 8000
GULF COUNTRIES $5200 - 7500
CANADA $8000 - 10000

Who Can Get Rhinoplasty?

This procedure is one of the most commonly performed for both men and women in Turkey. Individuals often choose this surgery due to aesthetic issues in their noses. Patients experiencing functional problems, such as breathing difficulties, also opt for this procedure. The mentioned functional problems can manifest as nasal congestion and problems like breathing loudly or noisily. Additionally, individuals with these problems may experience snoring issues while sleeping due to these functional problems.

People with one or more of the following conditions are considered suitable candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • Dissatisfaction with the size and shape of the nose.
  • Presence of damage due to trauma on the nose.
  • Difficulty breathing due to functional nose problems.
  • Loud snoring.
  • Having a body mass index (BMI) within healthy limits.
  • Good overall health with no serious illnesses.
  • Mentally and emotionally prepared for surgery.
  • Having realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery.

How Does Rhinoplasty Yield Results?

rhinoplasty in turkey

While many people undergo rhinoplasty in Turkey, this surgery is not easy due to various factors. One primary reason is that the nose is an organ located right in the center of the face. With its three-dimensional and complex structure, the nose poses challenges for making changes.

Each alteration made during this surgery will significantly impact the appearance of the nose. These changes not only affect the nose’s appearance but also alter its structure. Moreover, working on the nose requires precision due to the limited area. The smallest mistake in nasal surgery can lead to significant consequences. Additionally, it should be noted that the nose is an organ that undergoes lifelong changes in shape.

Even after the surgery, the nose may not always maintain the same appearance. Furthermore, it is not possible for the nose to immediately assume its final shape post-surgery. The time it takes for the nose to assume its final shape varies, but generally, the nose reaches its final form within a year.

What are the Advantages of Rhinoplasty?

This procedure encompasses many advantages, distinct from other aesthetic surgeries. The operation provides numerous benefits to the individual, including:

  • Increased self-confidence for the individual through rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Correction of deformities, giving way to an aesthetic appearance.
  • Resolution of breathing difficulties caused by deformities.
  • The procedure is also highly beneficial in addressing existing snoring issues in individuals.

Your Expectations from the Surgery

Before your surgery, try to gather accurate information about the operation by asking your doctor questions. Being open and honest helps your surgeon better understand your desires. Therefore, it is in your best interest for your surgeon to have a clear idea of your expectations from the surgery. Following such communication, your surgeon will inform you about whether your goals are realistic, increasing the likelihood of being satisfied with the final results.

This procedure is an effective method for altering the shape of the nose and improving breathing function. At Inter Life Clinic, we offer you the most successful rhinoplasty applications with our expert physicians and modern technology in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does surgery take?

The duration of this surgery varies depending on the scope of the procedure. Generally, it takes 1-3 hours.

What is the recovery process like after rhinoplasty?

The recovery process after rhinoplasty typically takes 2-3 weeks. During this time, there may be swelling and bruising in the nose. The nasal breathing function begins to improve immediately after the surgery, but full recovery may take a few months.

What are the risks of this surgery?

This surgery does not have any known serious risks. However, like all surgeries, there are risks of infection, bleeding, and anesthesia in rhinoplasty surgery.

At what age can this surgery be performed?

This surgery is generally performed on individuals aged 18 and above. However, in some cases, it can be done for individuals between the ages of 16-17.

Which anesthesia method is used?

This procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia.

Is nasal packing applied after the surgery?

Nasal packing may be necessary after the surgery. These packings are usually removed 24-48 hours after the surgery.