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Breast Lifting

Nice Looking Breast

Breast lift is performed to have beautiful looking breasts. Nipples may be lower than they should be due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or body structure. In the presence of such situations, this stritch surgery is applied.


Breast Lifting

The procedure to lift and shape sagging breasts is called breast lifting. Pregnant women and women who have breastfed are more likely to apply for the procedure.


Why Do Breasts Sagging?

Breasts sag in women who breastfeed after pregnancy or whose body is flexible. With breastfeeding, the subcutaneous tissue sags.


How is Breast Lifting Performed?

Breast Lifting performed by lifting it to the appropriate area with incisions made from the edge of the breast. It is done under anesthesia. The nipples are brought into an upright form and positioned according to the person in the appropriate position.


What are Breast Lifting Surgery Techniques

Breast Lifting surgery is performed with the technique of placing the nipples in the appropriate place. Although it is seen that it is done without surgery, but it is not a permanent solution.


Who Should Have Breast Lifting?

Women who have completed their breastfeeding period, women over the age of 18, and women who have had a pregnancy can have a breast lift.


Preparation for Breast Lift Operation

For preparation, first the specialist doctor examines and gives all necessary warnings to the patient. Alcohol or cigarette use is terminated before the operation.


Before Breast Lift

Shower should be taken before the operation, blood thinners should not be taken. If smoking is present, smoking should be stopped.


What is the Recovery Process of Breast Lift Surgery?

The recovery process is easy in breast Lifting. However, it is forbidden to do sports and take a shower. A balanced and adequate diet is also important in this process.


Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lifting Surgery?

It is not considered appropriate to breastfeed immediately after breast lift surgery. This issue should be discussed again after the time specified by the doctor has passed.


Can There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lifting Surgery?

Sagging may occur after a long time or when exposed to situations such as heavy sports. Therefore, these situations should be given the utmost attention.


Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

Breastfeeding should not be done for a while after the surgery. It is not breastfed because it will have an anesthetic effect on the body and the nipple will not be in full form.


Does Breast Lift Surgery Treat All Scratch in the Breast?

Scratch do not go away after breast lifting surgery. The nipple is brought to where it should be, and it is tried to gain verticality and aesthetics. Scratch in the breast are related to the skin tissue.


Are the scars  can be remain after breast  lifting  or its noticeble?

Even if there is a scar on the breast after the lift, the situation of disturbing the people varies from person to person. While some people are not bothered by it, others see it as a problem and become uncomfortable.


From What Age Can Breast Lifting Surgery Be Performed?

Anyone over the age of 24 can have breast lift surgery. However, it is suitable for people aged 18 and over if it is deemed necessary.


Can Breast Lifting and Breast Augmentation Be Done Together?

It is considered appropriate by some doctors. However, it is more appropriate to perform breast augmentation and lifting procedures separately. It is decided by the joint decision of the person and the doctor.


Protective Bra After Breast Lifting

Protective bras are recommended after aesthetic procedures. Therefore, using it after a breast lifting provides comfort to the person.


Does Insurance Cover Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breast lift surgery, which is a special procedure, is not covered by insurance. Therefore, it is important to make a decision by doing a thorough research.


Will My Breast Size Change During Breast  Lifting?

Breast size does not change during breast lift. However, in some cases, fullness is observed due to steepening. This indicates that the size may vary.


Is Non-Surgical Breast Lifting  Possible?

It is not possible to perform a breast lift without surgery. An operation is required for this.


Is There Any Numbness After Breast Lifting?

Although there is numbness at the time of the first procedure, there will be no numbness after breast lifting over time. Then it returns to normal completely.


Breast Lifting Surgery Prices 2022

Prices vary as it is a personalized transaction. However, breast  lifting surgery is generally not at a very high level.