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Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube stomach surgery, more commonly known as gastric bypass surgery, is a treatment method that is often performed all over the world. It is one of the applications that is very dangerous and has a great impact.


What is gastric tube surgery?

It is of great  importance that it be applied to people who are overweight. In this way, healthy results are obtained in people with obesity problems. It is performed under sedation and post-operative recovery is required.


Who is gastric tube surgery applied to?

It is considered appropriate to do this for patients who are obese, people age range of 35-65 years, and patients with a BMI (body mass index) over 40. In order to determine the patient’s suitability for gastric tube treatment, information about examinations and medical history should be obtained before Action.Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.


What is the duration of gastric bypass surgery?

In order to properly protect the entrance and exit of the stomach, the procedure is carried out under the supervision of a specialist doctor. It can be said that the duration of gastric tube surgery varies on average between 1.5 hours. The risks that may occur are low and complications are virtually non-existent.


What is gastric bypass surgery performed most often?

Gastric bypass is the most common type of gastric bypass surgery that is performed in the form of gastric bypass. It is a treatment mainly for diabetics. It is preferred from the past to the present and can be applied again after weight gain in patients.


How much weight do those who have gastric bypass surgery lose?

There is no case to give accurate information on this subject. Because the problem of patients’ weight during the operation varies. Depending on the person’s discomfort, weight loss can be reduced by 80%. More accurate information is obtained in the event of a face-to-face meeting with a specialist doctor.


Until what age is gastric tube surgery performed?

According to the medical procedure, the person must be over the age of 18 years. Because the development process continues until this time, it should be expected and healthy results achieved. It can be performed with parental consent in people under the age of 18 who are severely obese.


How do you eat after gastric bypass surgery ?

Healthy and proper nutrition is very important after treatment. If possible, liquid food should be taken during the initial operations. Consuming dough and fatty foods will lead to weight gain again. It must be remembered that when there is no proper and regular feeding, weight can be gained again .


Can gastric bypass surgery be applied to anyone with weight problems?

Gastric tube surgery cannot be performed on every patient with weight problems. In order for the operation to take place, it is necessary to provide the necessary conditions. Then, with the appropriate decision of the specialist doctor, the necessary planning is done and the operation is carried out.


What is the normalization process after gastric bypass surgery?

After the procedure, pain in the abdominal muscles may occur. It is caused by small cracks that occur in the abdominal area. Not very serious pains are detected and help the patient recover in a short time. After the second day, the patient’s pain subsides and is allowed to return to social life. On average, recovery is achieved within a week.


Will there be any scars after gastric sleeve surgery?

In order to take advantage of the benefits of technology development, practical and effective methods are applied every day. The tube made removes the problem of scarring along with the special sutures used in gastric surgery. Within a week, its absorption into the body is achieved, the formation of scars is practically minimal.


Is it possible to gain weight again after surgery?

After the operation, the patient may gain weight again. The examinations of the specialist should be carried out regularly and carried out under the control of the nutritionist. Thanks to this, weight gain is prevented and support is provided.


Is gastric sleeve surgery risky?

What are the general risks?

There is no one involved in tube stomach surgery. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations after surgery.


Nutrition after gastric bypass surgery

Nutrition is a topic of great importance. If dough, fatty foods, spices and harmful drinks are consumed after the operation, the healing process is long and effective results cannot be obtained. As a result, plenty of fruits, vegetables and liquid foods should be consumed in the early months.


Is there any pain after tube stomach surgery?

The pains that are released after tube stomach surgery are usually in the abdomen. Since the help is obtained from small incisions, the pains are almost non-existent. But on the second day it can be seen that these pains completely disappear. In the event of pain that may occur, medications recommended by the specialist should be used


Leakage risks and leakage symptoms after gastric sleeve surgery
The patient is admitted to the hospital between 1-3 days after the tube stomach surgery. Patient clearance varies between 1-3 days. It is necessary to prevent dangerous situations that may occur in the patient who is being monitored by the doctor. Because here it is necessary to monitor whether there is a problem of gastric leakage. On the other hand, the understanding of these leaks usually manifests itself in the form of abdominal pain and fever.



Are vitamin and mineral supplements made after tube stomach surgery ?

After the operation, it is essential that you be fed under the control of a dietician and follow a diet. Healthy results should be obtained by avoiding situations where carbohydrates are prevalent. Mineral and vitamin supplementation can be carried out externally under the supervision of a specialist. It must be remembered that the supplement made after tube stomach surgery is strictly under the control of the attending physician.


Sports after gastric tube surgery

In order to obtain a healthy and effective result, it is not recommended to exercise in the three-month period after tube stomach surgery. It is a very important process for the patient to rest and restore himself, which will take his place. At the end of the process, it is very important to develop health and develop a planned November in sports.


How many days will you stay in the hospital after tube stomach surgery?

After the operation, the patient’s health is monitored. For a more effective and correct operation, the patient must remain in the hospital. This process varies between -3 days. It will be very important for the patient under the supervision of a specialist to resolve any problems that may occur.


Does health insurance cover gastric sleeve surgery?

It is a personalized treatment method that takes its place in the field of aesthetic application. It is not possible to cover the surgery performed because of this by the Ministry of Health. Price information can be obtained through the interview conducted with the health centres .


When will the stitches heal after tube stomach surgery?

With the developing technology, special layers are preferred. These sutures, which are often preferred in surgical procedures, are known to be very effective and hygienic. Because they self-melting layers over time, their absorption occurs within a week.


Gastric sleeve surgery prices 2022

It is impossible to give exact information on the price issue. For this reason, an interview with trusted health centers can be provided in order to obtain updated information on prices. A preliminary examination must necessarily be carried out, and during a face-to-face conversation it is necessary to remove question marks in the mind.